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Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie

Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie

Our mission is to provide the highest level of education and to develop the full potential of young girls who will build the world of tomorrow. We offer three profiles: • International Education...

What is school residence?

GOOD FOR LIFE: residences offer children advantages!

There are numerous advantages to living in residence for elementary and secondary school students: an excellent education, a warm and friendly place to stay, and stimulating activities.


Students benefit from a variety of pedagogical approaches to help them complete the elementary and secondary school programs recognized by the Ministère de l’Éducation.

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A school with a residence—what we used to call a boarding school—provides a unique opportunity for many children to have stimulating and enriching experiences in a family-like environment. Living in residence during elementary or secondary school enables children to build strong friendships, to participate in a vast array of fun and educational activities and to have access to personalized services, all tailored to their needs and preferences.

School residence and private school: whether it is a private elementary or secondary school or a residence annexed to a private college, residences are a winning formula for both students and their parents.

To find the school residence in Quebec that best suits your family’s needs, consult the various sections of the website! You will find all of the private elementary and secondary schools in the network that offer a residence.

Why do we use the term “secondary residence?”

Because residence is a home away from home for students who live there. Residences are enjoyable, dynamic places that offer all the amenities of a real home, as well as numerous advantages for children and their parents. Life in residence is not like going to camp, but it’s just as active!

Today's school residences are not at all like what elementary and secondary school boarding houses in Quebec used to be. They offer services and facilities of remarkable quality as well as a wide variety and selection of activities designed to provide an enriching experience and help children reach their potential.

The children benefit from the professional supervision of staff who are experienced in providing academic support to elementary and secondary school students.

Are you looking for a private elementary or secondary school for your child because you believe that it could make a difference in their development? Offer your child the experience of a school residence, because it's GOOD FOR LIFE!

Discover the residences in our network

A residence at my door

Discover which residence offers transportation for your city.
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