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Registering your child in a school residence is a gift that will last their whole life. But can you really afford such a gift? Let’s crunch the numbers and dispel myths about private school and school residences being prohibitively expensive in Quebec.

Do the math!

Tuition for a given school amounts to $9.44 per instructional day. Housing costs for residence amount to $20.78 per instructional day. If you consider that the average family receives a 40% tax credit, housing is only $12.47 per instructional day, which brings the total to $21.91 per instructional day. So, for 180 school days a year, it costs about $2,244.60 to send your child to school residence.* The calculations speak for themselves: why wait any longer?

And if you account for daily transportation, weekly groceries and other child-related expenses during the year, you could even save money.

* These fees are calculated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the school residence. The costs may vary depending on the school residence selected (and costs may change without notice) and on your family income. Contact your chosen school residence now so that they offer you a residence plan adapted to your needs and those of your child.

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