School residence: it’s the way to go

“My school residence is my new family.” Zoé
“I can do any activity I want here.” Nicolas
“I would definitely recommend it to anyone; it’s so great.” Billy
“I’m able to focus on my schoolwork and achieve my academic goals.” Catherine
“Weekend visits have become a special time to be with our child.” Anaïs’s parents

These are just a few testimonials. It’s not uncommon to hear positive comments from students and their parents who have current or past experience with residence life!

Obviously, the best way to demystify the residence lifestyle is to talk about it with someone who has lived there. You can also meet with the head of the residence, who will be glad to answer your questions, show you the facilities and tell you how it works. Here are a few things you can do when visiting your child’s future residence.

  • Take time to see the grounds and the facilities.
  • Meet with the educators on site.
  • Let your child meet the residents, who may just become their future friends.
  • Ask about the transportation system available to you.
  • Ask what kinds of extracurricular activities and outings happen at the residence.
  • Find out what rules the residents must follow and what a typical day in the residence is like.
  • If possible, come for dinner! There’s always lots to eat.
  • If needed, future students can also experience the residence routine for themselves. This brief immersion can show them first-hand how fun it is to live in the residence community.
  • Finally, don’t be shy to ask questions—and be sure to let your child ask theirs too!

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