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Gone are the days of bleak boarding schools! School residences these days are modern buildings with lots of character. They’re fun, stimulating, and welcoming places that offer students a second home and a whole new way of life.

An enriching experience!

School residences create a family living environment that allows young people to flourish in a supervised, safe, and comfortable space. The residences are welcoming spaces that include a room your child can personalize to their liking. They are places where students can figure out their strengths and talents, build self esteem, and learn to be themselves.

Elementary and high school residences allow kids to fill their free time with a variety of sports and community and cultural activities in complete safety, surrounded by good friends who become like a second family.

A lifelong gift

Enrolling your child in a school residence is a great way to let them grow up and master new skills. It has nothing to do with not caring—in fact, it’s just the opposite. Giving your child such a gift means you love them dearly, like any parent who just wants the best for their child.

And for parents who work evenings or nights or simply have trouble fitting all their child’s activities into the week, it’s the best of both worlds. Unpredictable hours and a lack of availability have no impact on residence life. Kids have access to everything they need to succeed in school, play sports, and have fun.

Greater academic success

In school residences, students receive help with schoolwork in the form of guidance from experienced teachers, educators, and other professionals. In addition to providing continuous support adapted to each child—including a recognized program for students with learning disabilities—the school residence teaches children to be self sufficient. A stable and regular routine teaches students to effectively manage their time.

If you’d like to know what our students think about life in a school residence, check out our success stories!

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