Don’t believe everything you hear!

There are so many myths out there about school residences, but do any of them hold water? Some are complete fabrications and some may have been true decades ago, but certainly aren’t any more. Since these myths are often far from reality, we’re here to set the record straight about a few of the most widespread ones.

Myth 1: Residences are boring

Anyone who says this has clearly never set foot in one! No matter what activity your child is interested in, they’ll be able to pursue it at a school residence—and a lot more easily than they would at home, too, thanks to the fixed timetable. Students and educators bring the residence to life—and what a life it is! Find out more about the exciting activities available to students here.

Myth 2: Residences are too strict

There are rules at a school residence, just like at home. But having a code of conduct doesn’t mean a school residence is strict—far from it. The rules are there to help everyone get along and live together amicably and help students manage their time. The goal is simple—create a healthy balance so students can enjoy themselves, feel more motivated, and succeed.

Myth 3: Residences are too demanding

After the evening study period, it’s time to unwind from the day! In addition to quiet activities that take place inside the residence, there are a number of rest periods so students can decompress. They can enjoy some peace and quiet in a comfortable room they get to decorate themselves. And since the schedule makes studying a priority on weekdays, students can take full advantage of their weekends to have fun and spend quality time with friends and family without schoolwork hanging over their heads.

Myth 4: Residences are expensive

School residences in Quebec are more affordable than you might think. When you stop to consider travel costs for students living off campus, the cost of meals in a school cafeteria, the amount you spend on weekly groceries to feed your growing child and so on, school residence fees aren’t actually any higher than what it would cost for your child to live at home and attend the same private elementary or secondary school. We’ve even done the math for you.

Myth 5: Residences are for problem kids

Quite the contrary—residences are for everyone! For athletic kids who want to play a lot of different sports. For kids who love to learn. For shy kids who’d like to make more friends. For international students who want to learn French. Any student can thrive in residence. Students with learning disabilities also benefit from living in residence. The structured support provided will help them achieve their potential.

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