Myths vs. reality

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“Residences are boring.”

Anyone who would say this has clearly never visited one! No matter what activity your child may be interested in, they’ll be able to do it in a school residence—and much more efficiently than they would at home, thanks to defined scheduling. Students and educators breathe life into the residence environment... and it certainly feels alive! Find out about the exciting activities here.

“Residences are too strict.”

There are certain rules to follow in residence, just as there are at home. But having a code of conduct doesn’t make residence strict—far from it. The rules are there to foster a sense of co-operation and togetherness among residents, and also to help them with time management. The aim is simple: create a healthy life balance to keep students motivated and help them to succeed. Read this summary of residence rules

“Residences are too demanding.”

After the evening study period, it’s time to unwind from the day! In addition to quiet activities that take place inside the residence, students are also given the chance to relax through rest periods. And having studying as a scheduled priority during the week makes the children all the more able to enjoy their weekends; they can have fun and spend quality time without schoolwork hanging over their heads. See the list of activities offered in residence.

“Residences are expensive.”

School residence in Quebec is more affordable than you might think.

When you stop to consider travel costs for students living off campus, the cost of meals in a school cafeteria, the amount you spend on weekly groceries to satisfy your child’s insatiable appetite and so on, school residence fees aren’t actually any higher than what it costs for your child to live at home and attend the same private elementary or secondary school in Quebec. We’ve even done the math for you.

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