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Residence is all about accessibility. Students enjoy a study-friendly environment that’s tailored to their school life. Students have everything they need to succeed right at their fingertips, including educators and computers. And by discussing what they learn in class, they get lots of help synthesizing and assimilating the material.

At the elementary level, students usually receive support at the day care service between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. Sure, there’s homework to do... so why not get it over with quickly? In the evening, the educators check that students have completed their homework, and then it’s time to relax and have fun.

Secondary students generally have a nightly supervised study period. Residents have access to computers, the Internet and the school network to complete their work, and there is always an educator available to answer questions. The educator can contact the teacher for clarifications if necessary.

For students with learning disabilities, the supervised study period can be a huge advantage, allowing them to organize their work better, take the time they need to develop their academic skills, and stay motivated.

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