School transportation

An accessible, well-organized school bus network

The transportation network for school residences serves a number of cities in Quebec. From small towns to large cities, the school bus service transports students to the residence on Sunday evenings and takes them back home on Friday at the end of the day. Many students live anywhere from 10 to 200 km from the school residence they attend. The school transportation system makes it possible for these students to live in residence. The weekly bus service is reliable, safe, and well organized.

Increasingly accessible

Each year, new transportation options are rolled out from a number of regions of Quebec to give more young people the chance to enjoy an enriching experience in a school residence. Classes end a little early on Fridays to give students time to get home in time for dinner.

The school bus system was developed and implemented by staff at various residences who wanted to make the many benefits of living in residence more accessible to even more students. These benefits help all students develop and succeed at school.

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Under the “A residence at my doorstep” tab, you can search for a residence that provides transportation from your hometown. You can find the tab on the left side of the screen on every page of our website, unless you’re using a smartphone, in which case you will only find the tab on the home page. If you’re having trouble finding it, just click here: “A residence at my doorstep.”

If you can’t find a school bus for your city or desired residence and would like to know if there are any transportation options available, please contact us for more information.

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