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No matter who you are, your residence experience can give you invaluable assets for your future. Read on to see how residence life has enriched the lives of so many children!

Zoé’s passion for sports

Zoé can’t get enough basketball! Since she was a little girl, she’s dreamed of only one thing: dominating her sport. But balancing schoolwork with your passion isn’t always easy. Since moving into the school residence, however, Zoé has been able to develop her academic skills and continue feeding her passion! She practises her sport in the allocated time slot. No more time spent shuttling between home and school; the gym is just a few steps from her room!

Billy, lover of learning

They call him the “brainiac” of the class, but Billy doesn’t see himself that way. He’s just a naturally curious boy who loves to learn and discover. His residence lifestyle allows him to delve into all kinds of interesting topics and take part in educational activities. Study periods help him brush up on the new material and even learn extra facts. There’s no doubt that his appetite for knowledge is being satisfied.

Getting over Anaïs’s shyness

For as long as she can remember, Anaïs has been shy. The difficulty she experiences when meeting new people has been a barrier to her social life. But that’s all changed since she came to residence. It wasn’t long before she felt right at home. She finds her fellow residents really nice. They help each other out and build strong relationships. Anaïs will probably always be a little bit shy, but residence has given her a family that understands her and, most importantly, loves her for who she is.

Nicolas’s circle

He doesn’t go anywhere without them: Nicolas just loves his residence gang. After moving in, he quickly became close with his “roomies,” who are friends for life. He absolutely loves improv and organizes evening games filled with fun and laughter. His educators all agree: with Nico around, their work is so much more pleasant!

Catherine’s challenge

She always tries her best, but unfortunately she doesn’t always see the results. This school year, Catherine set a goal for herself: to pass all her classes! Lucky for her, she gets lots of help in her school residence. Without judging, her educators guide her through her homework and ensure that she uses her study periods wisely. Thanks to her new approach to learning, she earned a 78% in French. At long last, mission accomplished!

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