It’s for everybody!

Residences are for everyone!

That’s right! School residences are for everyone. Shy kids, athletic kids, smart kids, funny kids, kids who love science, kids with learning disabilities—there’s something for everyone. Communal living, a wide variety of activities, a stable routine, academic support—all aspects of living in residence are designed to help the young people who live there grow and develop. All kids could benefit from it!

Zoe, the sports star

Zoe eats, sleeps, and breathes basketball. Since she was little, she’s had her mind set on one thing—to be the best in her sport. But combining that passion with her studies hasn’t always been easy. Since moving to a school residence, Zoe has been developing her academic skills while still tearing it up on the court! She plays basketball during the times set aside for practice in the schedule. There’s no more time wasted schlepping from home to the gym—it’s just a few steps from her room!

Billy, the bookworm

People call Billy the class brain, but he doesn’t see himself that way. He’s just curious by nature, and loves to learn and discover new things. Living in residence allows him to delve deeper into all kinds of interesting topics, and having educators around means he can take part in a variety of educational activities. Study periods help him brush up on the new material and even learn new facts. It’s clear his appetite for knowledge is being satisfied.

Anaïs, the shy student

For as long as she can remember, Anaïs has been shy. She has trouble meeting new people and it has affected her social life. That all changed when she started living in residence. It’s wasn’t long before she felt right at home. The residents are really nice—they support each other and create lasting bonds. Anaïs will probably always be a bit shy, but the residence has given her a family that understands her and, most importantly, loves her for who she is.

Nicolas, the social butterfly

Nicolas doesn’t go anywhere without his buddies. Soon after moving into residence, he became close with his “roomies,” who are now friends for life. Nicolas loves improv, and organizes evening games that has everyone who attends in stitches. His educators all agree—having Nico around makes their work way more fun!

Catherine, the go-getter

Catherine set a goal to pass ALL her classes this year. She worked hard in the past, but unfortunately didn’t always get the results she wanted. But this time it’s different! Catherine gets a lot of help at her school residence. Her educators create a judgement-free space to help her with her work and make sure she makes the most of her study periods. Thanks to her new approach to learning, she earned a 78% in French! She was thrilled!

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