Students with learning disabilities

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The program to help students with learning disabilities succeed!

School residences provide a proven and structured support system for students with learning disabilities. Students receive help and guidance from teachers and education professionals who are committed to their success and help them integrate into resident life like any other student. The whole team pitches in to help each student succeed.

Personalized support

If your child has a learning disability, the school residence is the place to be. The teaching staff and professionals who assist them are there to help students acquire knowledge and skills they find challenging. The school residence uses individualized learning and personalized supervision to help students with learning disabilities make headway and achieve outstanding results.

For example, teachers are available during study periods to provide educational support to any students who need it.

The benefits of living in residence for students with learning disabilities

Living in residence can make all the difference to students with learning disabilities. A stable routine helps them become self sufficient and teaches them to manage their time. There are designated study periods when distractions are kept to a minimum so students can stay focused on their work.

Students can take part in a multitude of activities at school residences. These help students with learning disabilities develop their skills and competencies and, most importantly, give them the confidence and motivation to excel. The sense of accomplishment helps them stick with their studies because it teaches them they have what it takes to succeed.

If you’re interested in our program for students with learning disabilities, please contact us for more information.

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